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Is Your Brochure An Interesting Read?
March 29, 2010
By Howard Mann

I recently received a catalog from Zingerman’s market in Michigan. They are renowned for their customer service… they teach courses on it and released a book about it.

What they also get right is making their marketing literature a fun and engaging read. It tells a story and becomes a bit of a page turner.

The description for their “Brownie Sample Gift Pack” from their catalog:

Evidence of Evolution

Once upon a time, we only made one kind of brownie. Connie made them in our tiny kitchen, they were Connie???s Brownies. Loaded with chocolate and toasted walnuts, we started shipping them across the country when customers moved out of town and called back to Zingerman???s, begging for a dozen. Their lure was magical, their name changed to reflect it???we started calling them Magic Brownies. Then, after almost two decades, we decided to expand our minds a little, try new combinations. Here???s the delicious result. These new delights rose from our original, primordial brownie and now, like their sire, fly all across America. Lately, they???ve also become a bit sassy???they know they???re nearly our most popular pastry and it???s going to their heads. Send them as a gift and you???ll find out why. The Deluxe version of this gift box has six brownies: 2 each of our original Magic Brownies with toasted walnuts, caramel Dulce de Leche Buenos Aires Brownies and Pecan Blondies. The Ultimate version adds four more: 2 each of our Orange Almond Magic and Genuinely Ginger Brownies.

Is your brochure (even if it is a simple corporate brief) a truly interesting read?

What if you turned it into something anybody would love to read?

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