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Simple Is Clever
July 22, 2010
By Howard Mann

When it comes to marketing and messaging, why do we equate complicated with clever?  All too often, taglines and communication messages have been analyzed and tinkered with so much that they could not possible be understood in the mere seconds when they will actually be “consumed.”

And, more importantly, what you would say to someone face to face if you really wanted them to understand the why, what and how of what you do AND why they should care is totally lost.

For whatever reason, I seem to gravitate to the most direct and simple way to describe something and am often reminded of this clip from the old Dudley Moore movie “Crazy People”  (Language NSFW).



While the ads are meant to be a farce, imagine how incredibly effective they would be if they were launched into the media tomorrow.  Amidst the noise and blur of all the, supposedly, clever messaging we are hit with every day something simple and direct is what would be noticed. Remembered. Talked about.

How would you describe your business in its most raw, simple and brutally honest way?  Would you finally sound totally different than your competitors? 

That is the goal, isn’t it?

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