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Begin by Beginning
October 7, 2010
By Howard Mann

Ideas pouring in from every direction, internal/external problems to solve, the drive home filled with ideas/plans and a continual burning sensation that you should be doing more things to grow the business.

Every business owner (including me), at some point, has had all or most of these feelings. It always reminds me of the circus act where the guy is spinning plates. He has to give each one just enough attention so they all stay spinning. Not a lot of progress…Just nothing dropping. Hit a nerve?

While there are a lot of ways to help bring order from this chaos, the first one I always remember is one taught to me by my good friend Charlie Bahr.

“Begin by Beginning”

We have some powerful tools we use with our clients to get a focused plan moving forward. But the first thing to do so you can break out of the business tornado is to pick some thing and do it. Then keep going with determination.

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