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How Innovators Keep Winning
November 15, 2010
By Howard Mann

Booz & Co. is out with their annual study on the top R&D spenders and it shows why innovative companies consistently outperform their peers. 

You can download the study here:

An excerpt – The three types of organizations that consistently excel:

Need Seekers actively and directly engage current and potential customers to shape new products and services based on superior end-user understanding, and strive to be the first to market with those new offerings.

Market Readers watch their customers and com- petitors carefully, focusing largely on creating value through incremental change and by capitalizing on proven market trends.

Technology Drivers follow the direction suggested by their technological capabilities, leveraging their in- vestment in research and development to drive both breakthrough innovation and incremental change, often seeking to solve the unarticulated needs of their customers via new technology.

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