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What if the sales process was fun for everyone?
July 7, 2011
By Howard Mann

Almost every business I have come across sells in a similar way. Call, meeting, live presentation, written proposal, negotiate and… pray.

It’s a tedious and painful process

I am certainly guilty of trying to follow the same path. Boy does it suck. If it sucks for one to do, how much must it suck for the
person on the receiving end?

If your sales strategy focuses on grinding the prospect into submission…you can’t complain when your clients act like a captured populace.

What if every interaction with a prospect was a good experience for both of you? What if you had fun creating and delivering them? What would that look, feel and sound like?


What would your first meeting be like?
How fascinating a read would your bid response be?
What would your proposal look like?
What kind of live presentation would you give?

I am not talking about what your PR or Marketing company tells you it should look, read or sound like. What would be fun for you to prepare and present?

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