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What Is Your Business For?
August 2, 2011
By Howard Mann

You may disagree but I don’t think you really get to understand your business till you know EXACTLY WHY you’re doing it. Knowing why is harder than it looks. Learning is expensive.

Making innovation work to grow your cash account comes from this education. Want to know why marketing and advertising creates buzz but doesn’t = cash? Because it’s not connected to what is real about your business. The REAL truth.

Not what gets attention… what keeps attention.

Why do I not look to simply sell boilerplate web sites or marketing ideas to Fortune 500 companies with large budgets? Just be a good salesmen and trial close them again and again until they buy? Yak yak yak. Blah blah blah.

Our work breathes the soul back into a business and its owner. Traditional agencies, PR firms, design firms, marketing firms and “consultants”  don’t do that even if you can afford them…  They just futz around a lot and try to fit your business into what they think works for others.  That does not celebrate what makes your particular business real and great.

What is far more interesting is persistently growing a business that helps you and those that work alongside you buy a home, raise good kids and share a full life with a loved one.  Business owners that “get” this core truth work hard to make that happen for other people (and themselves). They do “cool” and “new” stuff. They take smart risks. They are more powerful than the Larry Ellison’s of this world.

My old logistics service business was good… very good in fact.  But I can’t say moving cargo around was exactly “making a dent in the universe” and it didn’t make me excited for each day.  However, what I did do was provide a service for clients that generated revenue, that revenue paid those that also cared about the company and its clients and allowed them to learn, grow, test themselves, be challenged during the day and realize their personal dreams as they married, traveled, bought their first home and raised kind and inspired children.

That is a dent.

What is your business for?

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