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The Basics. Always.
August 26, 2011
By Howard Mann

The current economic situation sees a lot of people talking about the power of returning to the basics. (Hooo….rayyy!) Get inspired to do it yourself by reading the posts linked below and then set aside a few hours (or a day) and figure out what YOUR basics actually are.

What is at the core of the promise you make to your clients, customers, staff, boss, wife, children,etc…?

What does the perfect execution of each one look, feel and sound like? 

And the usual 3 questions I always ask:

Define the action(s) – What do you (specifically) need to do to get there?
Create accountability – Who will do it?
Set a deadline – When will it be done?

There will be nothing you can count on to always work more than the basics.

But don’t believe me…

Tom Peters wrote about it here:

The Basics Are the Basics Are the Basics Are the Basics: The Worse the Times the Better They Work… We get in trouble when we forget the basics. We get out of trouble when we remember the basics. We stay out of trouble when we become perpetually “insane” about the basics.

Douglas Rushkoff returns to it here:

I’d love for businesspeople who feel all is lost to recognize that this is such a perfect moment to return to core competency, to remember what it was about their industries that excited them to begin with, and to reconnect with the processes and attitudes that make work fun and meaningful again.

It’s not too late.

On a Macro level Thomas Friedman quoted Dov Seidman in this op-ed piece:

In a connected world,” Seidman said to me, “countries, governments and companies also have character, and their character — how they do what they do, how they keep promises, how they make decisions, how things really happen inside, how they connect and collaborate, how they engender trust, how they relate to their customers, to the environment and to the communities in which they operate — is now their fate.

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