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Look Better Naked
October 29, 2018
By Howard Mann

Look Better Naked.

“Look better naked” was the tagline for The David Barton Gym that opened in New York City over 20 years ago. It remains one of the best taglines I have ever come across.  It’s not great because it has some shock value.  It is great because every other gym in New York (If not everywhere) sells and markets with their lowest price, membership specials, having the most classes or best equipment.

“Look better naked” focuses FIRST on a very specific result/benefit that many of the people that are looking for a gym really want. What’s more, it hits the marketing daily-double as it speaks to the benefit of the benefit. Looking better naked in front of someone you want to impress (Excepting, of course, the vain demographic that is merely interested in how they look in the mirror).

David Barton built one of the most beautiful gyms in the city. It had the very latest equipment and elite personal trainers.  But they did not market that up front because none of it mattered if they could not first make a connection with their ideal clientele. Then, and only then, could they show them what they had built to make their promise real.

Every ad they ran, every mailer they sent out and even how they sold their memberships stuck to this core idea. It was on the front of their T-shirts. Their trainers trained using a super slow motion approach that put a premium on aesthetic results.  They baked their tagline into everything so that every interaction provided proof.

Now (No really, now) go read through the first page of your website (Even just the top section), your brochure and/your marketing material. Go get and read over your latest sales proposal or bid.  Extra credit: Go read through the top section of 3-5 of your competitor’s websites.

(I’ll wait here. Cue the Jeopardy theme song)…

I am willing to wager that the language you are using across every sales touchpoint refers to what you do and how great you are at doing it. Maybe you even have clients saying nice things about you.  You, you and you.

You know that funny because it is true saying about the person at the party talking your ear off about themselves and then they say “Enough about me, what do YOU think about me?”  This is how 90%+ of businesses market and sell.

I have been guilty of it myself and parts of my website still have some of me, me and me. It is not easy.  We are proud of our businesses.  We want people to be attracted to all that we do, our expertise and how much better we think we are than our competitors.

Our vanity, disguised as a persuasion technique, is slowing us down.

Not only does it weaken our sales efforts, but it also makes us sound like everyone else (If you look at your competitors messaging and pull out the core messaging they use you will see how similar they all are).

It is here, in this giant sea of same, lies the opportunity for us to completely transform how we sell and the type of results we get for our efforts. We must intrigue people by immediately letting them know what we will do for THEM.

Them, them and them.

Do you know the results your clients are craving (Not just what they would like but what they crave)?  If not, task 1 is to start asking enough of them until it becomes crystal clear.

If you know it, then it should be the only thing they see first on your website, your marketing material and 90% of your proposals or bids. It is the first answer to the old “what do you do?” question.

The ideal is for you to figure out how you will make them money, save them money or both. For a business, both of those can be measured.  They are not “soft” promises and, as long as you are able to prove it, you should be able to show a prospect a solid estimate of how much money it will mean to them.

Want to make them a pretty website, welcome to selling a commodity in 2018.  Build them a website that will grow sales by 10, 15 or 25% next year and, watch your sales take off.

Helping HR leaders communicate improve internal communications is a soft benefit.  The result of better internal communications and employee engagement is lower turnover (Big savings in hiring/firing costs) and increased productivity (Revenue and profit). The same service just presented as a measurable result.

There is a tangible benefit to the buyer of every product or service. Find yours.

Be the company that is relentlessly focused on that benefit.  Design everything around it and focus your innovation towards perfecting it.

Nobody will come and see the beautiful gym you built if they first do not understand why they should take a look.

If you are stuck, hit reply and let’s talk about it. Nothing makes business more fun to run than winning a lot of the right new clients.  There is a better way if you have the awareness to stop talking about yourself and the courage to change the conversation to the impact you will make for your ideal clients.

How do you help your clients look better naked?

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