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Do you want another motivational talk that will be forgotten in a day? Or real-world strategies and tactics that will improve your business, forever?

Motivational because they are so practical, Howard’s talks have been described as one-on-one mentoring sessions regardless of the size of the crowd. Howard uses his real-world experiences and stories, straight business talk, and a healthy splash of humor to help organizations and their leaders get back to the basics, reconnect to their true purpose, and walk away with battle-tested tools and strategies they will put to work that day.

Businesses are getting lost trying to play catch up and match their competition instead of unlocking what they do better than anyone else. One audience member at a time, Howard aims to change that by reconnecting them with the basics of business that are too often lost as businesses mature. Getting back to the basics brings confidence and control back to the business, regardless of competitors, trends and fads, or even a business’ speed of growth.

Core concepts include any or all of the topics covered in his book or larger themes about the power and benefits that are realized in marketing, sales, operations and profitability when you reconnect to your purpose and execute your basics with perfection.

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Howard's talks and workshops have influenced business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO's all over the world including these great organizations...

TalkShops: Custom Presentations & Workshops

The most effective presentations deliver content that is relevant, meaningful and personal. When you bring together teams or the entire organization, having a talk that speaks to the specific challenges and opportunities unique to your business is an effective catalyst for change. Howard is at his best when he spends up front time with your organization - diving deep into the specifics of your business, its people, its clients, its competitors and the overall market landscape. The result of this extra effort is a talk-shop made just for you with materials and insights that address specific issues relevant to you and put the audience into action that same day. From the presentation to the focus of the Q&A, everything is custom created to best impact and accelerate your business.

Keynote: Your Business Brickyard

Businesses that master their basics survive and thrive in good times and bad. Complexity is your enemy and you need to get rid of it NOW. Based on his book, Your Business Brickyard, Howard Mann takes you through basic business "practice drills" that will help you step back from the blur of the day-to-day. Sharing his real-world business ownership experiences, both good and bad, Howard helps you form a plan of action to reset your business foundations. You will learn how to grow your business by focusing on the day to day strategies that get results in the real world. Part workshop, part inspiration and all action, Your Business Brickyard presentations have been called the reset button for honest business people everywhere.

Workshop: Unlock Your Purpose

If you do not have a purpose you do not have a business. That strong premise is at the heart of this talk. A clear and driving purpose is that elusive "secret sauce" businesses and marketers crave but too few realize. Howard takes his audience through the steps needed to identify a true purpose, how it is far stronger than a tagline or mission statement, how it will energize your entire team and how it makes your business truly unique in the marketplace. It’s about the power of passion, focus and how every organization MUST communicate what it does better than anyone else in order to thrive.

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